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Publication of various deeds of a different nature published by Notaries within the Office of the Government;
Services relating to the inspection of notarial acts and the issue of copies of deeds and public wills from the Notarial Archives:
If you wish to trace a deed or will, for purposes of inspection or ordering a copy thereof, we will require the following information, namely, the name of the Notary, the date of the deed or will, the nature of the deed (e.g. sale, emphyteusis, partition, exchange, etc.), the parties to the deed or will.  In the case of a will, if one is already in possession of a death certificate, this can be presented when ordering a copy.  The testator/testatrix or a person authorised by him/her may inspect his/her will or request a copy thereof provided that he/she shows his/her identity card when requested;
Services to persons who are doing research for a purely historical, literary or scientific purpose:
Such persons are to submit an application to this end.  Once ministerial approval is granted, and subject to other conditions, the said researchers are exempted from payment of any fees normally charged for inspecting notarial acts.  They also benefit from reduced rates on copying services supplied by the Department.​
What we expect from you
You may help us provide a better service by:
providing us with the necessary information as mentioned above when making use of the Archives’ services;
making sure that you provide us with the information requested promptly and accurately;
informing us immediately should you have any difficulties with our service to enable us to redress the situation as soon as possible;
being courteous to members of our staff;
complying with the rules set out in the Notarial Archives, such as not smoking within premises, refraining from scribbling on any volume and being careful not to damage any documents belonging to the Office.

 Office of the Notary to Government and Notarial Archives
Mikiel Anton Vassalli Street 
Valletta, Malta
VLT 1310
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Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 15.00