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To order and purchase a deed or will please click here. You will receive a SMS and email containing the reference of your order.

Your order will be printed by the front office staff, where it is indexed, that is volume’s location is found from an internal database. The volume is then retrieved from the archives and passed to the back-end section, where the deed ordered is found with the provided details. It is vital that the provided details include the Notary’s name, date of contract or will ordered, and any additional information such as name and surname of contracting parties, testators, or the address of the property.

Once deed or will is located the volume is passed on to the scanning section together with the order. The whole contract or will is scanned using modern overhead scanners bought specially to reduce wear and tear on the volumes found within the archives. Once scanned, the volume is returned to its original place while the order is passed to the cataloguing section. This section takes care to prepare the scan to be uploaded online. This process requires the cataloguer to crop the pages if necessary, split the contract into different parts (i.e. into Contract, Attachments, Plans and Tax Documents). Once ready, the information of the contract or will is inputted in the system and the document is uploaded to, where it will be available within a few hours. You will then be informed via SMS and email that your order is ready.

If you wanted an informal copy, you can proceed to purchase and download from the Notarial Acts Portal. If the ordered copy is legal, this can be picked up from the front office of the Archives.​

 Office of the Notary to Government and Notarial Archives
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Valletta, Malta
VLT 1310
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