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Court Expert Reform Exercise


In May of 2016 the Department of Justice embarked on a Court Experts Reform Exercise as part of the Holistic Justice Reform.
Two calls with an expression of interest for those wishing to serve as court experts have, to date, been issued. The latest call was issued on January 13th of this year and therefore the Department of Justice is currently receiving expressions of interest from newly interested persons to serve as experts at court. The purpose of these calls is to attract more persons interested to serve as court experts in the different areas of expertise, respectively, with the aim  to expand the lists with the names of persons available to serve in the different areas accordingly. This is intended to facilitate the Judiciary’s work in identifying experts in different areas when they need to nominate experts while the lists should come in useful particularly in cases when an expert needs to be appointed in urgent situations,  therefore when readily available lists are a must for the smooth running of and the efficiency during an inquiry or a case.
The appointment of a particular expert or experts on a case or cases in question is the discretion of the Judge or Magistrate presiding over such case/s. It is intended that in the near future, the names of those persons interested to serve as experts be published online who would have complied with a due diligence and given their prior written consent.
Persons who express their interest with the Department of Justice to serve as court experts are requested to complete a due diligence form and submit along with their completed form, among others, a recent police conduct certificate, a certified true copy of their qualifications and a certified copy of their Warrant if the latter is applicable.
This is the first time that such an exercise is being undertaken with respect to the Court Experts System.
Any persons wishing to express their interest in serving may wish to contact us on our generic e-mail:
Calls are open for persons to serve in all areas of expertise in particular the following:
• Experts in IT
• Experts to give Digital Forensic Consultancy (with an emphasis in examination of digital equipment e.g. computers)
• Fingerprint experts
• Experts in mobile data area
• Experts in investigations of fraud and commercial crimes
• Technical experts/periti komputistiċi - auditors and accountants
• International Tax Experts
• Experts in Financial Services (investments/insurance/banking) both substantive and regulatory
• Forensic accountants
• Experts in handwriting
• Experts in Sports Law
• Legal Experts in certain technical/very specific matters and/or foreign jurisdictions or transborder issues
• Experts related in Health and Safety
• Experts in toxicology and pathologists
• Experts on forensic medicine
• Experts in DNA and Genetics
• Medical experts including doctors, dentists
• Experts in actuarial science
• Experts to serve in Civil Court, Family Section
• Social Workers for Supervision and Social Workers for Social Reports
• Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, Family Therapist, Child Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists and Social Workers
• Psychotherapists experienced in the field of drug addiction and youth
• Translators and Interpreters particularly in Spanish
• Interpreters particularly from Chinese-English, French-English, Swedish- English
• Experts in mechanical work (motor mechanics)
• Experts in mechanical engineering
• Experts in electrical engineering
• Experts in civil / structural engineering / materials
• Architects
• Traffic Experts
• Marine Experts
• Aviation Experts
• Experts in Sub-acqua diving
• Experts in Security
• Experts in Property
• Experts on Procurement (related to property)
• Experts in Assessment of Building Value
• Restoration Experts
• Succession Experts
• Experts in Patents
• Experts in Environment
• Experts in Meteorology
• Music Experts (Copyright Infringement)
• Experts in the Audiovisual Sector
• Experts in valuables, i.e. gold, diamonds etc ...
• Experts on vehicles and Motorvehicle Surveyors
• Experts in wood working, i.e. carpentry

Contact Information:

 Department of Justice 
14, Market Street,
Floriana FRN 1082
+356 23275400