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Application for Registration to Practise the Legal Profession in Malta under the Home-Country Professional Title

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Last updated: 26/11/2021

EU (Non-Maltese) Legal Professionals wishing to practice their legal profession in Malta will be required to register with the local competent authority. Such registration will entitle them to practise under their home country professional title.

What You Get
Successful applicants will get to lawfully practice their legal profession in Malta under their home-country title as evidenced by the respective Certificate of Registration.

According to Directive 98/5/EC the applicant must be authorised to pursue his/her professional activities under one of the professional titles listed in Article 1. Furthermore, applicants must also provide the following:
   Copy of birth certificate;
   Copy of the Certificate or Warrant to practise the legal profession in the EU country in which it has been registered including legal title;
   Copy of identification document or passport;
   Copy of qualifications;
   Document confirming that the applicant has been duly registered with the competent authority of the home-country Member State;
   Certificate of Good Standing from the competent authority in the home-country;
   Certificate of Conduct (issued not earlier than one (1) month from the date of application) by the competent authority in Malta or the compete​nt authority of the home Member State as applicable.

There are no specific requirements with respect to knowledge of specific languages

How To Apply
Fill in the online form and submit.

Authentication methods include eID, eIDAS and Government of Malta account.

For every application for the issue of a Certificate of Registration to practise the legal profession as prescribed by the provisions of the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications Act, the Director General for Justice shall impose a fee of one hundred euro (€100) as processing charge and other ancillary expenses related to the application. Such fee shall be payable on application and shall not be refundable if the application is not accepted. (L.N. 146 of 2015 - Fees for Applications for the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications for Advocates Regulations, 2015, Article 2).

The designated authority shall consider an application as soon as it is reasonably practicable, and shall notify the applicant of its decision together with the reasons upon which it is based provided that such consideration shall be limited to a verification of the applicant’s qualifications. A remedy for the applicant shall be available against such decision before the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications Appeals Board established under article 7 of the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications Act. (Mutual Recognition of Qualifications of Legal Profession Regulations, Article 11​).

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Contact Information:

 Department of Justice 
14, Market Street,
Floriana FRN 1082
+356 23275400