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Annex I

(Chapter 79 of the Laws of Malta):


“3.(1) The  Minister  responsible  for  justice  may  from  time  to time, by warrant under his hand, appoint persons, being public officers, advocates, or legal procurators, to be Commissioners for Oaths, and may at any time revoke any such appointment.

(2) The Minister responsible for justice may also, from time to time, appoint persons, whether or not they are public officers, performing functions relating to the foreign service of the Government in any country outside Malta, to be Commissioners for Oaths in that country, and may at any time revoke any such appointment.

(3) The appointment of a public officer to be a Commissioner for Oaths and any appointment under sub article (2) may be made either personally or by the designation of the office held or the functions performed by the person to be so appointed.

(4) Every   appointment   made   under   this   article   shall   be published in the Government Gazette, and every such appointment made after 1st January, 1980 shall have effect only from the date of such publication.”
Persons interested to serve as Commissioners for Oaths under the relative Ordinance of the Laws of Malta may wish to write a letter of request giving details on the reasons for which they deem it necessary to serve as Commissioners addressed to the Minister responsible for Justice or may also wish to send an email to this Department on for making such a request.

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