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​Q. Can I follow the status of my Civil Cases online? 
A. Yes, you may logon to with your eID and click on My Civil Cases to continue. ​

​Q. Can I follow the status of my acts online? 
A. Yes, you may logon to​ with your eID and click on My Acts to continue.

Q. Whom can I contact if I think that the personal data held by the Government is incorrect / incomplete?

A. You can contact ministry's DPO by email on or by telephone on +356 2247 9925You can also refer to the Data Protection Policy

Q. How can I notify a personal data breach or file a data protection complaint?

A. You can contact the Information and Data Protection Commissioner​

Q. Where can I access Maltese legislation?

A. On legislation website you will find all the consolidated chapters of the Laws of Malta, including their subsidiary legislation, and also legal publications including Acts, Legal Notices and Bye-Laws in the 'Publications' section

Q. How do i search for specific legislation documents?

A. provides multiple ways how to search for specific legislation documents. On every page of the website you can use the 'quick search' search-box to search by chapter number or text in the title. Alternatively, you can use the advanced search for advanced filtering by document types and various other search criteria.

Q. How do search for EU legislation?

A. One can either search directly via Eur-Lex on this link or on the Maltese legislation website

Q. How do I file a claim before the Administrative Review Tribunal?

A. Administrative Review Tribunal claims can only be filed by Lawyers and Legal Procurators. Form can be accessed through the eCourts website. Information related to claims filed before Administrative Review Tribunal can be found on Business First web portal. 'Save as Draft' option is also enabled for the benefit of the applicant.​

Q. How do I reach out to make an enquiry or submit a complaint with regards to a services?

A. Should you wish to chat with one of our representatives with regards to our services, please do not hesitate to do so on one of the links provided in the Social Media menu on our website or directly through Messenger.

​Video Guides

Please follow the below video links should you require assistance in accessing any of the below:

​​   Notarial Acts

​        Creating an account or loggin in: Click Here for Video

        Search notarial deed: Click Here for Video

        Use of payment when buying copies of notarial deeds frequently: Click Here for Video

​        View cart and proceed to payment: Click Here for Video

​​   Legislation Malta

​        Consolidated Laws: Click Here for Video

        PublicationsClick Here for Video

        European Union LawClick Here for Video

​        Advanced Search: Click Here for Video

​​   eCourts

​        Civil Cases: Click Here for Video

        GeneralClick Here for Video

        JudgmentsClick Here for Video

​​        Mobile Notifications: Click Here for Video

​        My Acts: Click Here for Video

        My Civil CasesClick Here for Video​


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